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About Us

D.A. Home Improvement has recognized the traditional and historical values embodied in homes and buildings throughout Wayne County and the surrounding area for over 40+ years. In addition to specializing in kitchens, baths and custom closets, we also work with larger commercial renovations such as cooperatives, churches and municipalities. The D.A. Home Improvement company was established in 1978. We have served over 15,000 Southeast Michigan residents. We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of the home owner and delivering great customer satisfaction. We are proud to associate ourselves with many of the highest quality products in the industry. Experienced installers do their best to ensure excellent workmanship and job satisfaction.

Our salespeople are experts in the field and are readily available to give you free estimates. We invite you to visit our showroom where you can meet our staff and view the wide selection of displays and samples. Being a family owned business with over 30 years of experience means with D.A. Home Improvement, you can expect us to understand your needs, busy schedules, and to keep the job site (your home) clean during the project. Service! Service! Service! We know a return phone call is a must and checking with you throughout the job instead of just at the end means you’re going to be enthusiastically happy, not just satisfied. We really care about the work we do for you. Give us your ideas and we’ll build your dreams.

About Us

DESIGN CENTER: 3221 Biddle Ave. Wyandotte, MI 48192

Offices/Millwork Shop: 4115 8th St Wyandotte MI 48192